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This LJ has been mostly "friends only" for several years. If you wish to read any friends locked posts (which mostly consist of boring real life stuff), then please friend me and as time permits I will most likely friend you back.


I have finished unlocking all of my fan fiction. I have also gone through and tagged all of my fiction with the exception of my drabbles (because I have so many of those and it takes too damn long). If you are here for fic, then please take a look at my tags to assist in locating the fiction you would like to read.
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Lord Byron

Fan Fic: This is Reality (The Amazing Spider-Man 2012)

Title: This is Reality
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Peter Parker, Aunt May, Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy, Curt Conners, Tony Stark
Rating: R (for language)
Word Count: 4,958
Warnings: Teenage angst. Lots of cursing. Some homoerotic subtext.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

Summary: Peter knows this much. He went into Oscorp as one person, and he left as another. That person, the one who left? He looked like Peter, he sounded like Peter, he lived Peter’s life, and he made Peter’s mistakes, but all the same, he was something entirely new.

Acknowledgments: I owe a huge thanks to my beta tehomet. She looked at this fic and got edits back to me in less than 24 hours. Of course, any and all mistakes are solely mine. And, as always, this fic would be a lot less coherent if not for Xandyr, who listened when I needed to talk.

Fic is posted on AO3
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So...I may have written a one-shot gen fic for The Amazing Spiderman fandom. It just needs some final cleanup and maybe one last scene (I'm indecisive about adding the scene. I'm just not sure if it is really needed).

Obviously, thid proves that I'm attempting to torture myself. Cause...yeah tiny fandom has tiny beta reader pool. Why do I lately have a thing for writing for fandoms that have small followings? This seems to be compounded by the fact that I also want to write either odd pairings or gen. Sadnesss.

Also: hi! Long time no post. I'm a terrible lj user.

Request for help

I don't have many friends on my FL that are specifically into Thor. However, for those who are into the fandom, I was wondering if I could ask for (and receive) some assistance.

I have been working on a bit of a long fic. And by long, I mean something of a length that I have never attempted to tackle before (at least when it comes to fan fiction). This fic contains a plot which will actually require multi-parts and a great deal of planning in order to successfully complete it.

Right now, I've completed a prologue and have several scenes (in various stages of completeness) for the first part of the story. I know what story I want to tell. However, I am still trying to work out the details and have been doing a lot of brainstorming.

I have a general outline of the story, but I am still working on the specifics. Like how I want certain things to progress and who to include and the best way to achieve certain things.

There is even some angst over how a specific relationship (which is a main plot point in the story) should be resolved (mm... UST, but...should it stay that way?).

At this point, a lot of the brain storming i have done has centered on world building. Specifically how to take the aspects of the Thor comics, movies and myth that I like and combine them with my own ideas to make a unique universe that works perfectly as a background for the story I am telling.

So...yeah it is still pretty rough. And maybe, it will never see the light of the interwebs... but I would like it too.

Anyways, what I really need is someone familiar with the fandom to maybe audience bits and pieces and to bounce ideas off. I know it is a lot to ask (and presumptuous to boot, since most of these types of relationships seem to be built over long-term fandom buddy relationships), but I currently haven't anyone to do this with... really... and it would a great help.

I dunno... I have little hope since most people on FL are not into the fandom and those that are, are rather busy with projects of their own. But, figured I'd give it a go anyways.
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Fan Fiction: Child of Her Soul - Thor (Movie)

Title: Child of Her Soul
Pairing: Frigga/Odin, Laufey/Odin, Frigga/Laufey/Odin (you’ll see)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2665
Warnings: Dark imagery, sentence fragments and flowery language.
Summary: He was so beautiful, her new 'son,' or so Odin had named him as he passed the precious bundle to her waiting arms upon his return from the Bifrost.
Beta: This fan fiction was made readable by tehomet. However, any remaining mistakes are solely my responsibility.
Disclaimer: I do not own Thor nor its characters. This is a work of fiction, and I make no profit from it.
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Fan Fic: Sacrifice - Young Justice (Cartoon)

Title: Sacrifice
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Dick Grayson/Harvey Dent (pre-Two Face), Bruce Wayne
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 542
Warnings: Child abuse, non-con, abuse of power etc. I'm sure you get the picture.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.
Acknowledgments: Thank you to ciaan and xandyrd for their assistance in proof reading this work. Any left over mistakes are solely mine.
Note: This fic was written as a fill for the following justice_kink prompt:

So Bruce has this friend - Harvey. And Bruce thinks he walks on water, and he thinks it's great that Harvey gets along with Dick and likes to show him around town and take him to museums and things while Bruce is busy with his company (or, you know, actually off fighting crime, but Harvey doesn't know that).

What Bruce doesn't know - and what Dick doesn't tell him because Harvey is Bruce's best friend in the world and Dick doesn't want to take that away from Bruce - is that Harvey likes him a little too much. Harvey likes Dick a lot, likes him to take his clothes off, likes them to be naked together and do things.

And yes. I do know that filling this prompt officially makes me evil. I feel guilty for having written it. Poor Dick :(

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Fan Fic: Say No - Young Justice (Cartoon)

Title: Say No
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson
Rating: R
Word Count: 657
Warnings: Underage, frottage.
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.
Acknowledgments: Thank you to ciaan and xandyrd for their assistance in proof reading this work. Any left over mistakes are solely mine.
Note: This fic was written as a fill for the following justice_kink prompt:


Dick surprises Bruce by coming on to him. Very blatantly. I'm not talking giving him a look, I mean he puts his hands on him, fondles him, and so on.

Bruce thinks the kid's gone crazy. Dick's just decided he's had enough of waiting around.

Please don't let Bruce stop him. I don't mind him feeling guilty, but I want him to give in.

For my sanity lets pretend Dick is at least 16 here.

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Gackt Hula - made by ani_mai_toll

Fic for help_japan

I decided to get over my fear of deadlines and make an offering on the help_japan auction. You can find my post here.

I am offering one fic of at least 1k words. I am willing to write for the following fandoms:

Spectacular Spiderman (animated)
SV (see contingencies on auction post)
Coldfire Trilogy (see contingencies on auction post)
Batman/Robin - Spank'd


Oh! Nabbed a fun meme from pervyficgirl

Name a fandom or character. I will provide one thing that I actively seek in fanfiction, and one thing that I can't stand to see.
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Harry Osborn - Spectacular Spiderman

Fiction: Zig Zag

Title: Zig Zag
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn
Rating: R (for disturbing situations)
Word Count: 1334
Warnings: Disturbing/dark situations. Child abuse (cannon). Inappropriate touching and a hefty hint of incest. If I’ve done it right, then it will creep you out as much as it did me.
Spoilers: Spectacular Spiderman Episode #26: Final Curtain
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.
Acknowledgments: A huge thanks to xandyrd for listening and offering suggestions. This would probably not have been written if it wasn’t for him. I also want to thank tehomet for her quick beta, excellent advice and title suggestions (one of which I did use).
Note: It probably helps if you have seen the show, but hopefully the story still makes some sense if you haven’t.

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